Thursday, 30 January 2014

Orange Lemons.

Day 21.

And you're a part of my day, again. Hah.

Lots of things to be happy today, people. Where do i start, where do i start!
Ok. Let's go one at a time, atleast let me try, where's the harm. So, after crazy mad strenuous days killing my back, I had today all to myself to take it slow. I don't even need to tell anyone out there how that feels. And, I've never enjoyed my cup of bed-tea more.
Morning set in, the day panned out into a relaxing session.
Home seems like home again. Wedding pomp and show is all up finally, and my bandwagon seems to be in place with the madness dimensions. Oh! How I've been looking forward to this.
Another one out of the blue showed up, old memories and traces crawled their way to new smiles. Smiles earths to the ship. Sending them all your way.
So. Snap out of it. Tip of my day. Yes, its the oranges. Me, an engineer; and her, a people's people out of the world. We, together, the unstoppable, the invincible team, after a struggle of 20 mins with a plain simple juicer finally, FINALLY managed to figure our way around it.
"Rupa takes less time." O.o  (i wonder)
Those tortured and slaughtered oranges, along with the beaten up eggs; I had the awesumest dinner. The cheese omelette couldn't taste better, the orange juice couldn't refresh me more, and the company was as always the best and fed.
Can't miss out the recorded coded expressions learned about. Lesson#3498256264357 : don't ever give missed calls. Like ever. You never know what you invite and which demon you may unleash. Seriously.

oranges and lemons.

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