Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Peanut Express.

Day 22-uptil now.

AWOL. are we on leave O.o
So, back from the work vacation to blog. Been one hell of crammed best days. A part of me just doesn't know where to start from. The other one, well, that one just wants to climb up your head, dance and tell you all about all the dimensions of madness.

To start with, January 31st saw me be a part of the Indian Arts fair with one foot stuck in ComiCon and the other jammed with work. So, the Indian Arts Fair. I didn't realize what art is before that point of time I guess. Owe so much to that tour with Sharun. I mean, the bee-hive worth 3 crores; and if that wasn't enough what was that wall with mirror-ed red stripes. And mind you, that wasn't the best part. Best was meeting the border-line measures on that rod. Its worth over a crore. Yeah, that's that. I'm in half a mind of turning into an artist. Particularly because at the end of that event, THAT rod, it was sold off for its price. I'm inspired.
We eventually 'Escape'd into the arms of free beer, 'comic' people and punctured tires.
Next day had to, at any cost, see me up and about at 5am to hit the road. So, after sleepless night of 4 hours, I bid farewell to Delhi for the day. Peak of my day this February 1st, I made it sharp in time for the year's engagement. Here, the party actually never stops. You find yourself jumping from ground level to stage 1 to the final destination of decks. My day goes from a 5 to 5 am shift.

Turn around, and I'm back to the fair with a bang. Who knew Sundays could see me sitting sipping wine and olives amongst vada-samoosa-pav. That's my February 2nd. Between caught up fun and friendship, there's so much fire.
My Sunday too, like yours, yesyes, exactly that, set into a Monday. I alternate between Delhi and outside. So the road called out and 5 am alarm sloths were out again. And this day took three to do the tango. Heading back, did I tell you about whacked up friends driving me around the city streets 'making sure' I get to a long awaited wedding. What happens at a wedding, stays within there. *shush*

So, we're down four days of rush-run-race and wakefulness. February 3rd was done with and 4th was the last one tracks hopefully for a while. Ask me what happiness is, and that's what it is. Even if it means not going cosmogyral. I loved what came next. Sleep-wakeup-message-sleep-sleep-sleep and sleep a bit more. Joy, that's joy.
That's my rejuvenation for the weekend coming up. My Peanut sorcery. With yellow all over, this was hands-down one of the best of the 100 days.
I'd land up writing a book if I start telling you about each memory made. But, to brief, Chuck and Snoopy were elements of happiness, friendship, fun, crazy, trouble, surprise and so much more. From the introductions to farewell hugs. Overwhelming. From the supervisor-scarecrow pranks to random museum visits. Overwhelming. From giggles to games. Overwhelming.

~Mad as a hatter.
The outraged 'DoNotTouch' signs and kids away with the fairies. There's a story to it all. The early Sunday greeting of dancing music mates, racing rims and hyper hysteria; there's a whole lot to it.
What's more, the trippy walls, space-bars (which is my favorite part, btw), stolen badges and super sketches.
Oh, did I tell you, THEY ARE NOT UP FOR SALE. Exibits amongst everything else. #iykwim

on the wall.

So, what was it about the Peanuts Express that makes it so amazingly awesome. The thing about Peanuts is, that willingly-unwillingly, it makes you a part of it. And that's exactly what it was. Is. Making everyone a part of it. In ways you couldn't and wouldn't imagine. And what was I doing here, well, I was leading the gang-way.

Do NOT Touch.
Six of these skeletons in the closet. That's all it took for ComiCon to happen and take twists-turns-topples we took.
It's a team effort, I'd say.

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  1. I am impressed! Hope you got some Peanuts for me!! :-)