Friday, 21 February 2014


Day 45.

In my footsteps- Chapter 2.
Remember the first article on 'In my footsteps'. A happy proud thought. Here's another one in dedication by the same author as last, my little one.


Dreams. A magical place where one finds an escape from the harsh reality of life. A place where you find joy and happiness, peace and contentment, or perhaps, terror and pain. It's a beautiful concept. Even with the eyes closed, we are able to see a world so mysterious, so marvelous, yet when we wake up, it so happens that we are unable to recall those moments.
After a long day of hard work, when one falls asleep, the mind relaxes the body by the amazing pictures of the subconscious. What we see, what we hear, the smell, the touch, everything our mind stores in the subconscious, revealing its secrets only in the form of dreams. A troubled mind would many a times cause a nightmare, in which the person lives his fears. Terrible dreams, beautiful dreams, dreams of pain, dreams of happiness, the nightmare of losing someone or the excitement of falling in love. What you think, what you feel, is what you see in your dreams. Dreams are merely messages from the subconscious mind. A person, guilty of some crime, would have troubling dreams. A person, content with his life, could have a peaceful dream. Students my age? Well, we just have exam terrors! Dreams, or actually nightmares, of missing an exam, sleeping through it or falling ill. We see what we fear. We see the fear coming true, but its only imagination. Its the time we let our imagination run wild, having no control over it. That's the beauty of it, not knowing what will happen, the unknown is what makes it so interesting. The mystery is what makes it magical. Yet, some people do practice controlling their dreams. Its called lucid dreaming Risking their lives, as there is a danger of complete paralysis, the person tries lucid dreaming so as to gain control of their dreams.
Dreams are, many a times, absurd, completely random. Suppose, as an example, you might just have a dream of playing football with a bunch of ghosts, or perhaps, jumping from tree to tree, like Tarzan. You could even sit and chat with Newton, under an apple tree! It's all up to your subconscious. If your subconscious is in a good mood, well then, happy dreams, but if in a bad mood, get ready for the worst roller coaster of your life.
Dreams are not only caused by the subconscious mind, but we, consciously dream a lot of dreams as well. The aspirations, the desires of our hearts. A dream to be happy, a dream to be successful. The dream we see with open eyes. We study, we work hard, why? To achieve what we desire. We aspire to be successful, to have a happy, content dream. A joyous life is everyone's dream. We want to be something in our life, maybe like our idols, maybe someone different. Some want to be doctors, some pilots. It's their dream. A mother's dream is for her child. A dream where the child is secure, safe and happy. A father's dream is for his child's future. A student's dream is good grades, therefore a good college. A lover's dream is to be united with his love.
Dreams are beautiful. Dreams are dark. Dreams are scary. Dreams many a time, leave a mark. A mark on us, a mark on our minds.Dreams are nothing but a figment of our imagination. The ability of our minds to think something so beautiful, so colorful. We all have a dream, we work to make that dream come true, and when it does, our heart alone knows the exultation it feels. Dreams are like books. I believe, we live two different lives. A life so harsh tat it makes us weary, and another, of magic, mystery and uncertainty. Dreams are both, conscious and subconscious minds which are uncertain, vague, but are equally endearing. To dream a dream with open eyes, to think of the success, the happiness, excites us. Dreams we see with eyes closed are equally terrifying. They are terrifying, for we don't know what to expect. It's the fear of the unknown that excites us, thrills us. Like books, these dreams take us to places completely new, places made up or maybe places we desire to go to. Similar to books, we find a mixture of feelings in them, sometimes joy, other times pain.
Dreams of the future, of the past. Dreams of oceans, or deserts vast. Dreams black, dreams blue, dreams of all beautiful hues. Magic is withing your mind, your heart. Beauty is within you eyes. Dreams are, well, a composition of all these, and the element of mystery. Let the imagination run wild. Dream and make your dreams turn into reality. Live the dream and feel the contentment, the satisfaction. Walk towards the dream, clutch it in your fist, and show the world your achievement.
Dream, because dream are life. The numerous different lives you live, everytime you dream. Dreams are escape from the madness of life, yet in dreams, we live an unknown life. A life based on imaginations, a life based on our feelings. A life we don't fear, because we know it's not real. Or maybe what we are living right now, this life, is merely a dream and when we die, we actually just awake from a long slumber. Interesting as it, it depends on the mind, what you think of dreams. Dreams, forever, shall be a mystery, as life is.


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