Thursday, 20 February 2014


So, back into bedlam. It's a day of chaos, catching up, clutter and customizations. But then again, it's a Thursday. Aren't they just meant to unload-load.
A space where students are panicking running to their exam centers, and teachers to last minute hope for them. Also, sharing space the love-hate relationships of your work environment. What you think of offloading may just be taking you towards overloading. Just a scenario. So what between this hustle bustle, this mid-week braindeath. Oh! Did I forget to mention emotions of anger, exasperation, depression flavored perfectly to go with the want and desire to kill, murder, slaughter, maybe even die. Due respects to each one.
Anyway, turn around, there is a place called home where hopefully sun's shining and poppies are blooming. That long drive back. That tiring journey and walk through the forest. That frustrating sound of honks gelling with incessant chatter over someone else's shoulder.
Wonder. Ponder. What of guarantees.
~So, after struggling through a tough Thursday turning me down, I have the never-ending train ride to look forward to.
No, seriously.
But talk of bumping into bliss.
Sometimes, we, you and me don't realize how a day comes crashing onto us. How the turn of events in your life affect, influence and change the others. That vicious cycle of cause.
Dad says, "its always your choice". And that's how I came to believe of it.
In that packed train of people, some on phone, some amongst themselves..some unpleasant, some silent and others mostly just indifferent..there was this one in a corner. Nothing special about this one, just plonked on the floor clutching to a bag that seemed important. Trapped in my own web of thoughts, I happened to glance over. Found myself greeted with a warm smile. That's it.
That's all it took to repair the broken pieces of a tiring Thursday.
That unnoticed stranger.
The countless days of happiness.


  1. Thursdays are usually interesting...and 'bumping into bliss'? that is good :P