Friday, 24 January 2014

'Wedding Extravaganza'

100 days of happiness- Day 15.

So, post wedding spins a were still on a high when another one got aligned. And to add the family flavor and spice, 'the sister-in-law' uploads the entire extravaganza unadulterated.
In a split span of every snap I relived each passed moment. I went back to the TOI interview day, lunch at Big Chillz, venue hunting plans; through the first club-hit, birthday park meet, clothes stalk-chase-dally; to see plans formulate into something so beautiful.
Put a tireless smile on my face, you two make me fall in love with the idea of it itself.
~Also, I realized today, the passage is a gradual one from an inspiration for what this page, this blog is, from a friend, to a family member, a mentor, to most of all a person whom I look up to. I owe a lot to this, and it all makes me really glad it is you.

I've come all the way from 'Transitions' to the 'wedding extravaganza', and its been one hell of a journey!

photocredits: Nikhil Kapur