Monday, 13 January 2014

100 days of happiness- checks and stripes.

Day 4.

So, typical monday morning. If you're new to the concept, let me enlighten you a bit with one of mine. I finally headed out to office (after a week's 'work-from-home' *snigggers a bit*) for a crazy super busy day prepping for events amongst 50 million other things. Well, I forgot its monday for everyone else too. So, after a harrowing 2 hour journey on the road, the chocobloc was all worth the giggles and chuckles. As if the day wasn't jammed enough that the overdue new year's celebration (literally) came knocking on the door.

smudged shades.


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  2. First of all, the food looks yumm!! And yeah you're photography is just awesome! How you ask. You made a broccoli look good. So hats off! I always loved your articles, but this one is just a little more special and written to perfection. 100 days...96 more days to eagerly open your blog first thing in the morning :D