Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Comedy of errors.

Day 18.

I'm told to be a person attracting trouble and disaster by itself somehow. Whatever proof was needed, I guess my day 18 did it all. I can't help but laugh thinking about it.
So, that's how my day starts, with the loving hyperventilating boss on the other end of the phone. Everyday, every morning. Yes, she apparently loves me so much more than the bouy. Tchtch, competition. (take that)
Yesterday was a wee bit panicky for everyone though. Both parties on their tiptoes. So, I hit the road. Actually it was the rail. Where was I off to? Well, from this end of New Delhi I was to reach the other one. Places I hadn't even ever heard of in the 5 years I've been here, were soon going to have the special honor of having me there. Heading out with no idea of the route to take and a phone beeping with low battery, the day called for a memory of sorts.
Dingading. Two hours later; one hour late for the meeting, post getting lost at metro stations, changing about three metro lines and vada-pav metros, I finally got where I had to be; at the metro station I mean, still not at the venue, that's another one for another time. So, one hour late for a meeting, I step into this plot and feel no less than Hansel-Gretel at the witch's palace. Phone, update on that, that was dead long back. My boss' love had no way of getting to me. Dammit.
By the end of afternoon, I couldn't wait to step back into that godforsaken 2 hour rail-ride, again, vada-pav-ed, not to forget. But things were panned otherwise for me here. My absolutely amazing government had found this day only to nikalo all their jaloos (take out processions for all you angrez out there). So, the metro remains shut for 4 hours. News Flash. Supercool. To add icing, I found myself right in the middle of the stampede in the basement of the CP station. Struggled my way out to be turned down by 50 million auto-walas. That, was the cherry on the cake.
So. 6 hours after leaving my place, after bumping around half the city, reaching late for a meeting, hopping back and forth between offices, clam-baked in metros, being a part of a stampede and fighting with half the city's auto people; I was finally home.
Due dancing over my head was my next meeting and a crazyass-late-lying-'friend'.
What's amazing is I managed to still pull off the day, yet another day, with all the bedlam. What'd life be without the drama!
And that's just the beginning of the drama.

feet-credits: Das.

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  1. are you okay?
    hope you didnt get hurt in stampede

    or yaaar itne saare drame ke baad to mera dimag hi kaam na kare
    but you still manage to "spin the words amazingly"...