Tuesday, 14 January 2014

100 days of happiness- in my footsteps.

Day 5.

I wake up every morning nowadays thinking about what may be my tipping point of happiness today to be put up, and found the best for today. My kid sister is all grown up suddenly, from toddling around tagging everywhere to turning into a beautiful girl (no matter ow much i may tease her of resembling a chimp). Can't believe she's already finished school and stepping out in life.
So, my 5th day of happiness is all her in my socks. I'm a proud sister and a very happy mentor!

~Stop for a minute, take a look around. Let it sink in. You're leaving. Leaving behind the 14 years for something greater.
Stop. Glance around. Take it all in. Because its all ending.
You're leaving. Give it a minute, grace these 14 years, but after the minute ends, let it go. Honor the memories, remember the faces, carve it in your heart. These 14 years made you, you. Take a moment, a passing minute, to embrace a new beginning, with a promise in your heart, to make it...worth it.
Make or break your life, remember this school, the 14 years it gave you. And someday, look back, visit again. Feel the nostalgia, relive the stories.You're leaving, but, wherever you go, whatever you do, you take this name (Frank Anthony Public School) with you. Remember, it is your duty, uplift the honor and pride of your school. Because, this is where it all began.
Its not the school I'll miss, but the school life. Not the people, but the person I am with them. I'm not afraid of leaving, but of the change.
(in words of Ananya)

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  1. You have a super-sister! Her words are so mature, yet so simple... Loved it!!!