Saturday, 2 May 2015



You remember the treehouse we played in, don't you. Those childhood days out in the sun between bees and bumbles. Simpler times of counting stars while learning rhymes at night on the swing in the balcony. And the early morning runs and squash-squat terms, not to forget the swimming lessons, also the unarmed basketball sessions.

In my mind space even today, I find myself waking up every morning palpable with over-worked breathing, running around helter skelter to complete the day, keep clean just to slowly set into the dusk. Come back home. Back to my mind space, to the swing in the balcony under the night sky- near the treehouse.

When I put the sheets on to hide-away, you'd pull the sheets off my face and watch me sleep all day. And when I'd slam my fingers in the window, you'd kill all the pain away. Remember when I tripped off the staircase and scared you. You hugged me so close.

~When the rest of the world is asleep
Do you remember that night when you and me
Pulled down the steeple of ash
The rain was coming down, I was filthy and black?
(i was calling out for you)

The wind and the wave.


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