Wednesday, 11 February 2015


"The winter has passed,
and the sun shines upon her."

Madrugada- it's that moment at dawn when the night greets the day. Did you hear about the alba at dawn, the poem about the separation of the lovers, a love song about parting at dawn. Taking them away from the night fall, the magic of the stars, the warmth of the bonfire and the blanket of the cold breeze. 

Think of love, the passion, the searing heat, the colors- oh, the covers, and the abandonment. And the pain following; the pain, leading.

A cry for help, an age old tear shed in mourning, an aubade for the night to stay without an end, for the beloved to never leave her arms, and the guard to kiss the daybreak. Oh, how soon it all ends. Just now was it that night fell upon them. Sheltered by the dark, the heat smeared through their veins. Like reignited amber, there they lay in one another's arms, safe in the cover of the night. With hands entwined, eyes locked with each others', breathing as one, their passions lay hidden from the daylight. It was the calm of their heartbeats. As he drank in her gracious breath, admiring her, he holds her one last time loyally in her arms. The fear of the pipe whistle haunts each. 

The day will break soon, and the bond must be broken. Separate lives must be assumed and followed in.

The space now fills the cool shadows of abandonment. Spreading away from the shadows, her bare-bruised shoulder now lies exposed in the break of dawn. The day is setting in, drawing unwelcome patterns over the covers. The eyes that stayed locked in the rumpled sheets with hands laced together through dark, now sense their cue of pale separation. 

With the light in their souls, he leans in to softly lay one last kiss goodbye as her eyes slink open to the tears now tying them together.

~This day the sun will rise
on a new intent
Choices, may they be wise,
To bring each a smile,
do one good deed
Take time to pray awhile
His words I'll heed.

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