Friday, 2 May 2014


Stages in life, one must see, feel, think and get par.

One. Start the dream. Step into the purity of it, the vividity merging deep into each sense. It's there to take over, to break past what's real. Helpless, willingly, hold the hand and walk.

Two. It's on the way there. Somewhere. With eyes closed, and a shy smile spreading through the darkness, it condenses that sparkle.

Three. Life, becomes the dream itself. The sunset, the sunrise, even the midnight. Heights taken, clouds shrouded, its the catch to the blind fall. Roll in into arms of colors, patterns and lights.

Four. Tap on the bridge between visible and invisible. Even the dense nightfall brings out its fireflies. Magic, is all around, bridging that gap.

Five. Fairy lights, slow dancing in the burning room. All elements ablaze, the chill in the water doesn't break the fervor in that fire. Mirrors reflecting the union, the collaboration.

Six. Walk down the aisle (the dream is coming, for you and for me). Magpies carpet the way. Daffodils carve stones. Sun drops down snowflakes. Names are written to evince.

Seven. Infinity is to infinity. Seep into the state of trance. Its taken over completely, without a cell to breathe. Belongings, are already declared.

Eight. The last kiss on the lips. Dreams as these don't end. It grows. Its growing. Raising its child. Hustling through the thunderstorms to keep that child breathing.

Nine. Slip away. Soul-mate, the prodigy. Years of patience, and its here. The joy, the elixir beyond, free of the poison. Life, breathing slowly into dream (and it awakening the life in me).

~These eyes still inhabit glass castles, dreams, magic, fairy dust and a Prince Charming. Tears still haven't welled up in these eyes. There's nothing for keeps, so these live in memories what came by, and dreams and illusions of them. Look closely, and one may find what they never should. Stare as much as they wish not to. Mirrors shimmering in the dark, these eyes will always smile. For that dream.
"Da cosa nasce cosa."

All roads lead to just one heart. Mine.
Fall in love with it, and it'll keep you alive for the rest of eternity beyond this life.

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  1. O peanut, you are just so me. Just from a different generation. The dreams, the heart, the wish, the magic, all is me. Just stay the same and I know all desires will be yours.
    I don't know of my prince charming and love and magic but I know they are what you deserve.
    I love you even more for writing like I just spoke.
    You are so everything every human should be.
    P.S. Keep writing always :)