Thursday, 24 April 2014



It's probably just this time of the year.  Maybe it's all just in my head. Maybe a bit of it is out there. Even though I do see most of it. Isn't seeing believing? Maybe it's just me.

Stare into distant space; recalling memories, remembering experiences, the adrenaline rush, the push, even the pull. Uncomplicated dreaming, there were times one would just sit and wonder and maybe knit togetherness. Maybe, who am i to say or think or need or want. But that said, we are all here living for that just one thing- 'uncomplicated dreaming'. In your head, and in mine.

Acoustic version out, starving for restart.

photo credits: Sharanya Sridhar

PS- I complete a year here. With tears of happiness and sorrow still trickling down strong, a lot was lost and more was gained. I cherish what i had, and love and treasure what i now do have. I stand here wishing things maybe a lot different, but i'm just so happy being here, standing where i am, my space, I'd never change a thing.
Staring into distant space, still, even today, recalling so many memories.
I'm dreaming about what's next.
It's time.

(I'll be here.)

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