Saturday, 9 November 2013


-Creating magic.

It’s that time of the year when you can’t help but fall in love. The dewdrops on tips of leaflets, the twinkling stars in the moonlight lighting up a face.. the sun playing hide ‘n seek amongst the clouds, or the spattering raindrops against your windowpane; preparing you for the mystical dance. Try how much as you may, you can’t resist that repressed smile at the corner of your lips.

Summoning the beautiful thoughts swirling around my head, that surreal dream of the crescent moon upon a cliff with the floating cocoons in a tidal space, that magic is happening. And it’s happening now. Fresh footprints, leading you out of this world and into the colourful one of wondrous and fragile hearts. A place of secrets, it’s all yours to paint, in everything and anything your heart desires, answers in silence.

Looking into the depth of my eyes, yours is that one tale I wanted the honor to imprint into words. I remember talking to you a couple of nights ago, coming up with ideas to write the tale of the journey through time. The version and the brass tracks.

~Listening, seeing, knowing, absorbing..i see how far you both have come. From the birthday wishes to the wedding trial sessions. It’s that one thing I choose to let me reach out and elope to a universe as yours. So, rewinding each bit of my memoir of you, (I regard you both as one, so the ‘you’) I recall finding the post on facebook to have been replied to. That was a first.

So, of what I know, about couple of years back, at a college camp during one of the birthdays she actually did get caught off guard, was when they actually met. Only to fall in love at that glance. And that’s where their story began. All those years of ‘lookachupi’ and years apart, he finally asked her that long overdue question. And there’s no looking back ever since. I’ve seen them grow, teach, love, care and learn from each other-with each other. It’s their surety and clarity about one another and the bond they share that leaves a person spellbound and feeling blessed being a small part of their story. Sitting here, these words come flowing out thinking of them. Perfect is all I can really say. And I wouldn’t call them words, but thoughts and this is the easiest way to tie such knots.
A skipped heartbeat, they’re binding their stories together in a matter of days. We all are trying to learn our parts and revise, putting all the lines right, not to miss a chance to say words at that right time.. To stand by those who’ve sparkled into everyone’s lives. ‘Love: in those special moments spent together; those laughs and giggles shared; those secrets kept even today and promises kept in the heart. That day, can’t wait to see the dawn and sun shining in your eyes (glistening with fierce pride and courage- rising to only shine.)’

I can’t promise you much, but for the love I have for them, for the least I can do, I give my word to them to not let the thoughts waver or words fade.

Loads of love.

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  1. superb anahita..i finally get to read it....and i love it..its a surprise for me that u write so well.....looking forward to u writing for school english books...hahhaha...really i mean it....