Monday, 4 November 2013


So, been a while here. And can’t say how soon life changes and colours itself so soon. First things first, it’s an erratic world of deadlines and work force. That should hopefully justify disappearance. Also, did I mention the fact that I bunked the only job I had and flew over 12 cities to be where I am. And I gotta say, not bad at all. That was over 3 months back now.
So what have I been up to all these past couple of months? I travelled for one. Explored the city of Nawaabs. And this time a trip down with a paper and pen for the notes and thoughts to flow. Met some interesting awesome minds. Checked out the Comic Con and lived the life of comic for the duration. Besides all of this, dissolved nights in dragon-berries with the lit stricken deadman on the couch. And if I didn’t say it, this is all me at work. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it.
I’ve been struggling with this entry for so insanely long. Mostly trying to arrange my thoughts and figure out my twisted head spinning bazillion stories. Thinking, if it was the halt at the airport watching that old couple holding hands gazing at the sunset, or the night stay with Megh catching up after a year over the desserts amongst other things, or was it the endless stories in the trains of people coming in and out, worth writing about.  I realized, that one thing that became a constant in my life was this blog, even it wasn’t regular. It makes a difference when I’m told it’s high time I get down to writing. It’s funny, I figured how I tend to write only when my head’s not on my shoulder. That space of mental blocks and conventions, so this life constant had to come through unregulated in admiration of the chaos.
~Isn’t it funny how day by day, nothing changes..yet, when you look back, nothing is ever the same.

I was recently told it’s alright to fall back once in a while. So, about a couple of days back, I connected with this really old friend from about a decade ago. I talk too much, I inferred right away. So the night before I was to meet this friend, I panicked. Enters, to kick my ass, my partner in crime, the alter-ego and sends me out anyway. Dude, Sakshi, did I ever thank you #iykwim.

Well, that night did end. And when the sun came up the next morning, the night didn’t (I realized) dissolve. To add to my favourite commotion presently, Diwali and birthdays hit an all new high. Bucket lists were struck off, new ones were made. Riding on tides, “hey stranger.. just another day”, and you know what I mean. Paradisiacal dance, candles twirling and temptation.
“Once upon a time is really here and now.”

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