Friday, 26 April 2013


So, well, putting thoughts into words has never been an easy task. Especially every time you touch the pencil to paper there’s an ocean of thoughts flowing through. Definite case of overwhelmed mind and heart.
This has taken a long time coming. It was about half a year back that writing pulled me in and Green Life gave me my most awaited break. Overwhelmed, the person I am, couldn’t put my feet on the ground. My editor, my mentor and the lady I look upto seeded the idea of a blog in my head. I have spent months ever since thinking of an apt name, the ideal articles, the designs, pictures and what not..thinking of what should be written that would be appreciated. Into picture, enters my best friend. As I was told, “sometimes, it’s alright to pick things from the top of your head.” Well, here I am.  This was long back when I was a blink away from creating this blog and then other things amongst college caught my attention. Recently, I made a new friend, gem of a person really. She wrote me a feedback to one of my first published articles and kicked me to take up blogging and this time actually do it. Encouragement does find its way through.
 ~Cut Thrusday, April 25,2013.
Today, I’m sitting here trying super-hard preparing for my last ever exam (for a while atleast) and all I can think about is filling up the blank sheets of paper with thoughts. Overwhleming.  My college is ending tomorrow. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. The most crucial years in a person’s life, the learning, the fun, the madness, the chaos; it’s pretty much right for people to put it as an end of an era. Times of common bonding, and secrets kept and of battles together fought; the unfulfilled, unusual duty of friendship neither aimed for nor deserved. A place where we grew together, learnt together but most of all learned from each other. I came here so unacquainted to the city, the people and what was in store for me. I came with dreams and hopes for a ride worth the while. And when I think back to it, the four years of life, the most important ones, the most exciting ones, its been all worth it. Every bit of it. Think of love, friendship, indifference, arguments, fights, heartbreak; every high and low of emotions been experienced and felt at full throttle.
Anyhoo, diverting to the subject in priority to be, artificial intelligence and it’s like red mango-pink orange-yellow watermelon.

Back to present day.
Ah, the bliss and satisfaction of winding up the last paper of your engineering. Unparalleled. The feeling of ecstasy, frolic, jubilance and cheer, along with that sense of achievement, it’s as though you can take on the world. This being the last day at college, I wanted to make sure I took in everything that made my years. Starting from my hideout, to each familiar face, to the walls of the classrooms (the red brick walls), to twirling slippery staircases and to the boy in my socks. I took one good last look and absorbed it all. And then, I did something I have wanted to do since a long time; I ran towards the gate and out of it, without as much as a glance behind.

Sitting here today in my balcony, I wonder the answers to a lot of questions swimming around in my head. About taking the road less travelled or making the conventional calls. Whether following dreams and passions or the facts of existence. Gumption vs naivety. I also wonder if I’m the only one in this fix. I calm myself down, ‘everything in life is figured out except how to live it’.
“Before me is infinite power.
Before me is endless possibility.
Around me is boundless opportunity.
Why should I fear?”


  1. My little baby has grown up...........and i am so very proud of her! I had been waiting patiently for this day for soooo long and its finally happened! Anahita has started her own blog........her own creation! The fact that today she has completed her engineering degree course makes it all the more exciting adding to the pride! I wish her the very best of happiness and times in her life! Love you, my little darling!

  2. Congratulations Anahita on a great start :) I love everything from the headline to the blog title to the picture and off course the way you've summed it up. Not to forget the special mention :) Thanks a lot. I am glad i could inspire :) Wish you loads of luck. You'll do great i know. Always there with you. Lots of love.

  3. Hey Anahita... Its really wonderful to see that u have finally started doing what was in store since long :)
    I wish you have the courage & confidence to do whatever your heart feels like throughout your life. Wish you loads of luck. Stay happy Stay focussed.. Cheers!!

  4. Hey Anahita.... Its a brilliant piece... I love the way you have expressed every explicit detail of how and who got you in the first place to write...
    I always knew you had the caliber to express your thoughts in words... Wishing you loads of luck... Xoxo..

  5. It is simply wonderful to see an artistic edge in you. You had the flair and there is no doubt that your blog is impeccable. Keep fulfilling ur dreams as they are the little seeds. Keep doing good work anahita.

    Your confidence in yourself will take you a long way and you have already started. Indeed a comendable piece of writing. Wish you the BEST

  6. My grandaughter never leaves a single chance to make me proud!! Keep it up gal!!
    This is one brilliant article that Connects with every single person who is on the verge of leavin college.. and That's where you have accomplished!!!!
    Live your dreams..soar high.. and grab the sky cause that's where you are meant to be!!! be HAPPY.. and your happy mind will do wonders!!!

    I look forward to your next article!!
    Love :)