Monday, 20 June 2016


“Until science can explain
How this world began,
You, me and everything else
Will be magic.”
“How are you?” I enact to myself in front of the bathroom mirror trying to mimic a real-time conversation. As I flip through the daily ‘to do’s of my diary, I realize how soon time passed by. All of past 6 months, could they have gone by, so soon. Maybe in the rush of familiar routine, everyday regime- of waking up, getting to work, working the chaotic undertones of work and friendships, filling in the loose gaps with recreations.
Earlier this week, when I actually started writing this article, it talked a lot about liqueurs and placid music tones. About beautiful blue bays, sunny soccer fields, picnic tables, and rainy runaways.  The magnetism and fascination catches on. I got distracted.

A few days have passed since; the irenic collective playing still has me preoccupied.

Glittering quicksilver.

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