Thursday, 18 September 2014

Faceless Strangers.

We all have that dream. The one with our faceless stranger. At one time or another, that dream about you and her. That dream you so distinctly remember and yet, her face seems faded into your memories. This dream so symbolic, so intimidating. So tantalizingly mystical. Hidden, repressed, crooning in your dream about how each of us have that side we don't show- sometimes even ourselves. Living deep within, you'll find this faceless stranger.

This probably means more than I thought it would. Stories of untold smiles, unsaid tears, held back words; and a faceless stranger.

Its something so simple, so plain. That thought of meeting someone today. Randomly, think of the innumerable lives you touched today. What if you missed your perfect dream out there in the crowd.

~Maybe he sees her again. Maybe he doesn't.

"In the story's faceless lair."
-raw. emotional. me.

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