Friday, 4 July 2014


I make it a point to always give a lot of thought to the title of anything. It's what defines what's going to come next, what it is going to be about. In that moment, you must know what i'm talking about, what i'm referring to, where i'm leading to, where to i wish to head. But that's me.
So, this comes in here. This is the fleeting rightness of time and space that create the opportune atmosphere, the perfect moment of actions, movement and words. This is where my world turns into ours. This is the place shared in the furious course of life.

How many times would you open a book, a page, with something in mind? Where you know what to expect, where you already have the start and an end to something made up. How many times would you blindly step into the dark? Or take that one step yet ahead on the cliff? Would you?

Look around. See. Understand. Listen. Hear. Sounds, lights, people, shades, patterns. Notice. Grasp. Capture. Save it.
Think, how many of these are willing to take that sealed road ahead?

Dive into the ocean. Breathe.
Dig into the snow. Feel the chill down your spine.
Step out in the rain. Smile at the offer of a shared roof.
Plan. Breakthrough.
Jump off a cliff. Skip a heartbeat.

Watch life through the lens.
'Be the dark side of the lens.'

eyes of a wayfarer.


  1. Beautifully etched in words, Anahita. Write on, madame!

    1. Thankyu so much, Shruti! Growing with it.