Sunday, 22 June 2014


So, that's how it starts. In a random phone call, middle of the night, all teary (maybe crying, hopefully laughing).. but however, it led to this, couldn't be that bad.

It all happened a couple of days ago. A bright sunny day, the clouds had finally given way to sunshine. She sat pretty with the sun shining up her face. With the glitter in her eyes, she soared up towards the horizon. Somewhere on the way, the doors to a home opened up. Most as soon as she found solace in a perfect corner, is when the war broke off. It must have shattered her heart to not be accepted with open arms or an open heart. But the keeper had to establish boundaries. It was a necessity, more of an involuntary thing. It's that feeling of your space, your zone being invaded and the lengths you'd go to to protect it. So that's what they both did. She protected herself with a smile, that's all she has. And the other arguing the mind and heart, trying to understand this newcomer- to share home.

~All our stories don't always have a happy ending. Freedom, acceptance and revamping; takes time and grit.

The bird was a passerine. 'Is' a passerine. She flew in that day and decided to stay. The not-dog Hazel fought while the little mocking bird sat up the window sill. It was quite a sight really, seeing them play catch and cook around the house. But she refused to budge and leave the house, or fly off. Some of us are nesters. After half an hour of rigorous chasing and fighting amongst the two, they finally decided to take a break. All this mostly went about in my room itself. We made a video of the not-dog trying to fly up to the funny-bird plonked on the paddle.
Well, end of the day, we are all friends and I stay with a not-dog and a not-bird. One still lying lazy next to the bed, and the other still sprawled idle on the paddle.

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