Thursday, 16 May 2013

Message in a bottle

'A tear cometh to the eye,
A lone cry
To the lip;
I know the dream you seek.
In memory.. of precious times
Nostalgia: is a powerful trip.'
-Nikita Das

~Sharing everything, each small little event in a day had become such an important part of my day, my life, that now with it dwindled, the directions are a little tough to figure. Stare at the blank piece of paper for over a couple of hours in hope to spill thoughts, feelings; for something to trigger it all off. And all is given up, it begins to pour out of nowhere. The clouds broke off to let the moon shine bright in the sky.
We usually think we have our entire lives to share all that’s been missing, not realizing what’s there waiting for us right at the next turn. Every end of a great chapter is the start of a new book. You think of some things as unimportant, that could be said tomorrow, be shared tomorrow.. but more often than not, it’s the tomorrow we all await that find us off guard, unaware, unprepared of the cataclysmic disasters.

Monsoon's first rains. Worli Sea face. Lands end. Acrid yet subdued and subtle winds and waves. The Victoria. And a cup of hot chocolate.
Mumbai is one of those cities where you know no one stops no matter what. Come hell or high. Driven by the enthusiasm, forbearance and watchfulness of the people, this city is one of the most vivacious I’ve ever come across. Amazing how when people decide and choose to walk hand in hand, what an indestructible wall it creates. A smile across each face is a trait Mumbai inhabits. The locals, the buses, autos and cars..everything in perfect sync with the other. It’ll never judge you, the city, or the people; at every corner you can be certain to find a smiling face striking a conversation. The sea just adds more to its eminence and charm. Personal love, was to spend my time at the Bandstand between the land and the sea, watching the sunset, the sky change colours..from pink to orange to blue to black..for the night sky to set in and the city lights to add to the glitterati of it all. It’s really scintillating to just be there and watch the change of the pastel shades of the hear the mellow waves splashing at the rocks. I wished for you to be a part of it someday. The thing is, I could rant about this city for as long as anyone can imagine; but instead of doing that, I hoped to steal you and show it all to you. Even though you’ve seen it. Even though you know it all. Still. No matter what i say, it’ll always be less to express its grandeur. (i wish..)

So, this is about one of those days when things didn’t really turn out as planned. Not that they usually do around me, anyhow, sometimes unpredictable is all you have to be. So i set sail into the city. It was always welcoming. I had to do something i hadn’t done as yet. I couldn’t leave any stone unturned..i never do. So there I reached my first stop for the night. Worli sea face they call it. A deep orange shade of the sky and the cacophonous waves made a perfect compatible partner. I wonder if it would have been the same if the rambling of the clouds didn’t spark up the moment and light up my eyes. I eagerly awaited the first showers of the season. Also, it’d be my first rain in the city. And I wanted the world to convoy me in the joy it would bring to me. So, soon enough I was at Mumbai’s very favourite Marine drive. My heart couldn’t contain with the joy I felt. The lights that outlined the city looked more than just simply dazzling. The subtle raindrops tapped on my window, played on my face. I was in love with it. The sea splattering against the walls, the waves soaring so high that they seemed to merge with the rain, had me spellbound. Yiruma (river flows) played in the background. I could see the city lights shimmering on one side of me and the other I saw the rough, dark untameable waters.
Since obviously I have my inquisitiveness on a roll, I had to go for the ever so famous Victoria ride. Not soon after we were seated, did the rain build up and began to pour cats and dogs. I was gone from the drives of the marines for a good half an hour. Came back absolutely drenched and soaking wet, and the biggest smile of content. Sneezing, dripping and shivering, approached the Oberois’ Palms to fetch myself a hot cup of hot chocolate. And till date, I can give my word for their hot chocolate to be unparalleled, unrivalled. That night, we dried ourself up under the dryer in the washroom. Felt silly, but then who had the time for take note of it all. But I was pretty tired with my achievements tonight. So, at the break of dawn, decided to find my way back home. Though there was one last place to go to. Near home was Mumbai’s lands end. Obviously after a pretty enthralling day, so to calm down, to gather up the events so I could cherish them for a long time to come, I wanted to just spend a few minutes up there. And you know, a cup of aamchi Mumbai’s cutting chai can be quite a zealous ally. And the sight of the sunrise completed my perfect memory.
It’s fascinating how the simplest things are the ones we cherish the most. How understated and unpretentious it all is, yet, this very simplicity is deceptive to all, even the most experienced eye.
I always wanted to share the story of this night. To show how happiness finds its ways in the most unexpected ways. It’s overrated, this life. It’s as naive as you are.


  1. while reading the blog i felt i was right next to you :) read a couple of parts more than once. Loved the way you summed it up .. made complete sense!

  2. i wish i could beg you to come back to this city and live with me for a while..
    ...the city is just like any other stranger without some beautiful known faces walking alongside you..

    come back!!!